Our workshops

Highly customized workshops, individual coaching and university classes that always start exactly at your level, then move you and your team up and forward several levels.  

Learn clear communication concepts. Practice skill-building exercises. Directly apply new knowledge and techniques to your work via presentations, reports, meetings and personal or company narratives. 


Corporate Workshops

- Two day workshops
- Two individual sessions
- Guaranteed results!


Individual Coaching

- Packages of 6 -10 sessions
- Intensive coaching
- Customized for you!

College Courses

- Stanford University (evening)
- Finding your Authentic Voice
- Improvability for Work & Life



Be Logical
Be Connected
Be Creative

Great communication lives at the three way intersection of clarity, connection and creativity.


Our offerings

Six ways to develop presence & influence in communication. Offered as workshops for teams and/or private coaching for individuals. Core topics can be combined to cover two topics in one workshop.


Presentation Delivery:
Finding Your Authentic Voice

Everyone has a unique voice.  Learn how to influence your team and upper management with a presentation style that fits you.  Our 4 strategic design structures and 8 delivery tools will raise your skills at least 2 levels.  Express yourself with clarity and authenticity.



Presentation Design:
Visuals that Zing      

Create designs that are simple but not simplistic; visuals that work in synergy with your presentation. We will coach you in how to use space and interact in a way that brings both your images and language to life. This workshop can be added to the ‘Authentic Voice’.


Improv-ability for Work & Life:
Off- the-Cuff with Ease

In work and life we run into situations that require an impromptu, improvised response -  an unplanned speech, articulating the solution to a problem, or establishing a new relationship.  This workshop offers creative new ways to think on your feet and expand your ‘improv-ability’ comfort zone.  


Storytelling in Business:  
Fact inform, Stories connect

Storytelling is the ‘art of connection’ in leadership, sales and client relationships.  We work with many styles of narratives - transformational, challenge-success, vision, but we especially focus on our signature ‘Punchline Story’, a creative, clear way to deliver a compelling message in any circumstance.


Beyond the Resume:
Personalizing Job Interviews

Companies hire more than skills they hire a human being.  Connect to your interviewers by moving beyond your resume to express your values, passions, leadership and teamwork abilities through stories, outside activities and community relationships. 



Building Great Client Relationships

Use the art of dialogue to truly connect to your clients.  Build trusted and productive relationships by asking great questions, listening deeply and linking your discoveries to your clients needs.  Use stories, data, metaphors, and the skill of finding common ground.


The art of communication is the language of leadership.

– James Humes