Most people talk in black and white.

We teach people how to speak in color.




Communication Training to foster ACTION & CHANGE

Great presentations move your career forward.
Impactful meetings motivate teams.
Clear status reports save time.
Powerful stories move people.
Well presented big ideas create impact.   

This is what Presence Delivered DELIVERS. 


What we do

Each person has an "Authentic Voice" - we work with you to discover that unique way of presenting and communicating that balances clarity, creativity & connecting in the workplace.


How we do it

Break it down, then build it up

Presentations break down into two categories: Design and Delivery

Each category has a specific set of skills that you learn and practice individually.  It's kind of like taking apart a clock or a computer, studying each part and then putting it back together. Once you have an understanding of how each element supports the whole then individual "on your feet" coaching quickly accelerates the way to great delivery.



Mapping Techniques
Structures for presentations
Visual design
Storytelling with images



Positive Coaching
Specific Exercises
‘On your feet’ Practice
Interaction with slides



I hadn’t interviewed in a while, and needed a kickstart and new perspective. After a few sessions with Gary, I felt a huge difference regaining my confidence in interviewing. He helped me with my communication skills so I could convey authentic behavior and passion when answering key questions. The bottom line is he showed me how to be genuine and spontaneous in an interview. I was able to get the job I wanted in two months!
— Roni Fontaine, Product Marketing for tech companies
When I had to give my TED talk, I took lessons, and since then my presentations have just gotten better and better. I’m way less nervous, I do my vocal Yoga, I create modules of what I need to say, and at the most recent talk I gave, on Saturday, to the American Women’s Medical Association—I got a standing ovation. That is what I consider a successful Presentation! I recommend you to everyone who asks me how to improve their skills.
— Victoria Sweet M.D., Author of God’s Hotel and Slow Medicine--the Way to Healing
Lee and Gary are a wonderful, powerful communications team. Impossible Labs was invited to speak at the Go Youth Entrepreneurship conference in Lisbon. They were our first call, of course, and what we now have in the works is an incredible message the world has to hear. They’re listeners, story builders, and strategists. Any concern I had about our ability to communicate in a memorable way, I feel better knowing I have them by my side.
— Tito Jankowski & Matthew Eshed, Founders of Impossible Labs

Some of our past clients

Apple, Wealth Architects, Xilinx, Goodwill of Greater East Bay, SC Builders, Mann Packing Co., Stanford University, Stanford Law School, Resources Global Professionals, Impossible Labs, Leading Matters, Reach Air, Camilla Olson Inc., The Levitin Group, RCI, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Breckenridge Resorts, Blue Wave Medicine, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

Authors:  Shari Levitin, Victoria Sweet, and Frances Stroh
Professionals in Law & Medicine